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Sunday, October 31, 2010


National Artist for Film, the great Gerardo 'Gerry' de Leon directed the young FPJ in this 1962 action-drama, Ako ang Katarungan. The famed director also directed him in other movies like Kamay ni Cain, Bicol Express, Apollo Robles and Walls of Hell.

Ako ang Katarungan (1962)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Van de Leon, Lou Salvador, Jr., Adorable Liwanag, Oscar Keesee and Paraluman/ Directed by Gerardo 'Gerry' De Leon

In the 60s, Taliba, a daily Pilipino broadsheet newspaper ran a series of so-called Sine Komiks, featuring upcoming Tagalog movies--- some sort of a movie preview or a teaser--- one way to promote movies that time.

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