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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


A compilation of film clips featuring dance and song performances culled from various films of the so-called big three--- Sampaguita, LVN, Premiere. It was an ambitious and long shot project since most of the films produced by these film outfits were either lost or destroyed. The movie, under Cirio H. Santiago’s direction and supervision,  was presented in several segments with brief narrations by movie stars like Gloria Romero, Nida Blanca, Susan Roces, Leopoldo Salcedo, Jaime de la Rosa, Eddie Gutierrez, Tirso Cruz III, Pugo, German Moreno and Ike Lozada.

"Happy Days Are Here Again" (1974)
Sampaguita, LVN, Premiere
Release Date November 15, 1974
Direction Cirio H. Santiago
All-Star Cast

The young FPJ and Lani Oteyza in People's Pictures' "Tipin" (1957)

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