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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Here's a Cover Story article by Enrique L. Calderon from Focus Magazine dated June 25, 1983---

"A lot of labels have been tagged to Fernando Poe, Jr.'s name---
Ang Alamat or the Legend, Mr. Box-Office, Ang Maestro or the Master, and a host of other appellations--- but no word can describe him better than hero."

"The tag hero has always been associated with Ronnie Poe, Mainly because of the kind of movies his fans prefer, and the kind of man they want to see him personify onscreen--- an unsung hero, the champion of the oppressed, the protector of the underdog. And Ronnie Poe has obliged--- he sticks to this formula in making movies. His roles have him portraying a soft-spoken but relentless avenger; a do-gooding but loner adventurer, and he is always clothed with mystery. He is sum, the fairytale hero, embodying the populist dreams of salvation."

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Jesusa Bernardo said...

Hi. You might want to check out this FPJ article: The Ghost of FPJ: Beware the Liberal Party?

Stawhat Luffy said...

You really have a great compilation here...

Got your blog bookmarked.
Thanks man.

Unknown said...

bakit hindi i upload ung mga klasik na pelikula ni fpj.pra nman khit pano makita nmin ang idol namin.