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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Did you know that veteran and respected radio broadcaster and TV personality, Rey Langit, did an important role in the 1984 FPJ starrer, Ang Padrino ? He played the role of a notorious hired assassin aimed in liquidating FPJ. Here was his vivid account on the said role which he recounted and published at Tempo, in his column Sky Talk dated February 4, 2004.

In the 70s, I had my first acting stint as a film villain with no less than the King of Philippine cinema, Fernando Poe, Jr. In "Ang Padrino," I portrayed the character of the hired assassin who plots the slaying of the lead character, played by FPJ.

Since at that time, I was already contented with my career as a broadcaster and never pictured myself as an actor in the big screen. I turned down the role the first time it was offered to me. But when FPJ told me that my character would surpass all other famous character actors and succeed in murdering the lead character. I was surprised. I thought that this kind of offer does not come everyday and towards the end of the meeting, I agreed to do the role.

While filming, I came across the real FPJ. He calls his close friends, Erap, a nickname adopted by his long time ally Joseph Estrada. More than a movie star adored and respected by his fans and colleagues, he is considered as a real-life action hero for all the people he had helped.

The highlight of the movie is the confrontation scene between FPJ and his assassin, the character that I played. When I came face-to face with him, I could not believe that I was about to have a big confrontation scene with the King of Philippine movies in a full length film. I panicked and stuttered as I delivered my line. Because of this, the filming of the scene was extended, but to save face, I strove to complete my line perfectly on the third take. When he was about to say his rebuttal line, he suddenly burst into laughter. FPJ could not stop laughing that he had to call for a break.
Everyone on the set was clueless, so I asked him why he laughed after I completed my line and he answered:
"Erap, kasi para akong nakikinig ng radio sa bahay namin."

Monday, November 19, 2007


Here's another trivia on FPJ. From the column, Studio Whispers by Ethewolda Ramos /Published at Kislap Graphic, December 12, 1962

There is one story about Ronnie which he loves to recall. Ronnie makes a point to go to church with his family every Sunday. One Sunday, on their way home, they happened to pass a car exchange and Ronnie’s mama, spotting a 1962 Impala, said, “That’s the car I’d like to own!” The following morning, the same car was seen parked in front of the Poe residence in Quezon City. Proudly, Ronnie presented it as a gift to his mama.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


FPJ Productions’ Langit at Lupa is a love story salvaged from the chaos of war. It tells the drama between two individuals who meet at a moment when one is about to be married to a vocation.

Ronnie Poe plays the role of a miner in one of Baguio’s mining camps, Susan Roces is a postulant.

In a mining mishap, nuns from a nearby convent rush to rescue the casualties. Raul (Ronnie Poe) meets Veronica (Susan Roces) and from that moment, each knew of the strong attraction between them. But they are cautious and careful not to entertain the feelings because they are aware of the gap between them.

War breaks out and Raul, with his fellow miners, become soldiers, and later guerillas. They camp near their old mine. In one instance, when the Japanese pursue them, Raul and company have no other recourse but to seek refuge in the nearby convent. Veronica and Raul meet again, but the she is about to be committed to Christ.

When Raul and his group leave, Veronica feels and realizes that she will be more happier with Raul. She talks with the mother superior.

After the war, Raul once more returns to the convent, only to find out that most of the nuns detailed that time perished when the Japanese bombed the place.

Did you know that National Artist,the late Fernando Amorsolo, a well-known and famous painter did a portrait of Susan Roces in this movie. The painting was very essential to fully project the dramatic implication of a sequence in the film. The story called for the renowned painter being requested by FPJ, in the role of Raul to do a portrait of a woman he had known in the past but only from his (Ronnie’s) description as he envisioned her from memory. The woman was Susan Roces who portrayed the role of Veronica in the film.

Susan with the Amorsolo painting

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Sometimes imagination runs wild. How about this--- Da King in the role of a super spy agent ala James Bond--- Agent Aguila would be an appropriate name. Never in his entire movie career he portrayed a role of a secret agent. That would be great! Fans would have love it if he starred in at least one movie. The movie ad would have look like this!!!