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Friday, July 14, 2023


It’s a good cops versus the bad cops in this 1987 action thriller, “Batas sa aking Kamay,” starring Fernando Poe, Jr. as Police Maj. Dario Santiago, a honest and dedicated police officer.

A notorious group within the police force, connected to a gruesome activity, hiring prisoner for a fee, freed him to do assassination hits and after the job, put him back to the prison again. One of the victims was Dario's father (played by Mario Montenegro), also a policeman, who just retired from the service was killed by unknown assailant.  Dario started looking into the case and a rough sketch showed that the gunman was a prison detainee. Dario, being in the police force had no jurisdiction investigating his father’s death, drew the ire of his superior, Major Rigor (Eddie Garcia).

Later, Dario was assigned to track down hijacking incidents where some crooked cops were involved.  This angered Rigor again as he felt that he was being bypassed and blamed Dario for publicity/attention grabbing. Soon, Dario and members of his family were targets for assassination.  A bomb exploded in a restaurant killed his mother and critically wounded his wife.

Series of events were exposed and Rigor later on, turned out to be the mastermind with some corrupt cops working for him.  

"Batas sa Aking Kamay" (1987)
Bonanza Films, Inc.
Release Date June 4, 1987
Film Editor Augusto Salvador
Cinematography Ver Reyes
Music Ernani Cuenco
Direction Mike Relon Makiling
Cast Fernando Poe, Jr., Charo Santos, Mario Montenegro, Zandro Zamora and Eddie Garcia/ Also Starring Anita Linda, Glaiza Herradura, Jimmy Fabregas, Ruel Vernal, Bert Olivar, Vic Varrion

(l-r) Eddie Garcia, Fernando Poe, Jr, and Zandro Zamora

Fernando Poe, Jr points a gun at Rene Hawkins, as Bert Olivar looks on, in a tense scene from Bonanza Films' "Batas sa Aking Kamay" (1987)