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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Awit ni Palaris (1946)- Sequel to the Palaris (1941) movie starring Fernando Poe, Sr.

Anak ni Palaris (1955) - The first film of Fernando Poe, Jr. He did the movie when he was only 15 years old. The theatrical release date was January 2, 1955.

One of Poe Senior’s big hits was Palaris, a cloak-and-dagger historical romance. Poe senior had made his fame on such films, an extension into the cinema of the moro-moro tradition. In late 1954, Mario Barri, who had worked for the elder Poe, thought of doing Anak ni Palaris and he cast Ronnie in it, making the boy assume his father’s name to emphasize the picture’s relation with the old Palaris. For his first movie role, Ronnie got a thousand bucks and co-starring billing with Rosita Noble and Mario Escudero---but this picture proved disappointing. “One thing I know, it didn’t make money,” Ronnie recalled.

Excerpts from "Batang Taquila" by Quijano De Manila (Nick Joaquin)Philippine Free Press / June 01, 1968

Original 1955 lobby card of 'Anak ni Palaris'

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