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Monday, January 21, 2008


Albano Brothers, released in 1962, will be shown at Skycable-Cinema One tomorrow, January 21, 1:00 pm (replay will be on Jan. 28, 9 am). The movie boosted a formidable cast of Fernando Poe, Jr., Bob Soler, Eddie Mesa, Carlos Padilla, Jr. and Lou Salvador, Jr. This is one picture you can't afford to miss!

Watch for the second batch of FPJ Retrospective at Skycable-Cinema One
Albano Brothers (1962) -
Jan.21/Mon/1pm; Jan.28/Mon/9am
Alyas 1-2-3 (1966)-
Jan.22/ Tues/1pm; Jan.29/Tues/9am
Anghel sa Aking Balikat (1965) -
Jan.23/Wed/1pm; Jan.30/9am
At Sila'y Dumating (1967) -
Jan.24/Thurs/1pm; Jan.31/9am
Baril na Ginto (1964) -

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