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Sunday, July 5, 2009

"BATAS NG .45" (1991) Film Clip JUST UPLOADED

A film clip of the 1991 movie, "Batas ng .45," with FPJ as a honest policeman dishonorably removed from the service. With .45 gun in his hand, he took the law in his own hand. Nothing left but his honor and integrity, he's out to prove his innocence. You can access other film clips by clicking the you tube at my Blog List found at the right side of the screen.


Anonymous said...

sana ma copy nyo ang ipalalabas sa cinema one na mga movies ni ms. susan roces paborito po kasi ng mama ko yan, ireregalo ko sa birthday niya. thank you

yuri said...

sir simon copy naman po ninyo ang movie na angelita ako ang iyung ina sa july 31 3pm sa cinema one

Video 48 said...

Noted, Tristan and Yuri! Salamat!