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Friday, September 18, 2009


Kamay ni Cain (1957) by Clodualdo del Mundo was another komiks serial novel made and adapted into movies. The novel, serialized in Pilipino Komiks was illustrated expertly by Fred Carrillo. The movie, on the hand, was handled and directed masterfully by the great Gerry de Leon. The young FPJ, who was nominated for that year's Famas Best Supporting actor, portrayed the role of a villain to lead star Zaldy Zshornack.


James DR said...

I wonder why FPJ accepted the role of a villain to Zaldy when he was billed ahead of Zaldy. Maybe Gerry de Leon saw FPJ's potential as a sensitive actor or the role assigned to him was meatier than Zaldy's? (or FPJ's role was a bida-kontrabida?).

Video 48 said...

I think you're right James when you pointed out that FPJ's role is meatier than Zaldy's. FPJ was nominated here for the first time in the Famas Best Supporting Actor category.He went on to do more of Gerry de Leon films like "Ako ang Katarungan" and "Apollo Rbles," where his acting talents were polished more.