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Saturday, May 15, 2010


In 1962, FPJ Productions released its third offering, a Pre-Christmas presentation, Pagtutuos ng mga Kilabot, dubbed as "The year's most exciting movie show!" It must be since Action king FPJ was up against the country's top villains--- Ramon D'Salva, Marrio Barri, Max Alvarado, Lito Anzures, Jess Lapid, Bert Olivar, Bruno Punzalan and Paquito Diaz.

"Pagtutuos ng mga Kilabot" (1962)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Aura Aurea, Ramon D' Salva, Mario Barri, Max Alvarado, Lito Anzures, Jess Lapid, Bert Olivar and Paquito Diaz/ with Jose Garcia, Bruno Punzalan, Dencio padilla, Manolo Rovles, Lolita Lopez, Avel Morado/ Directed by Oscar Kesee

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