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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Larry Alcala, popular and respected cartoonist and illustrator, made over 500 cartoon characters, twenty comic strips, six movies, two murals, and 15,000 published pages in his 56 years of professional cartooning career. His most popular cartoon series was Slice of Life, which is a reflection of the many unique aspects of everyday life in the Philippines. He also created long running comic strips, among others, Kalabog and Bosyo, Siopawman, Mang Ambo, Asiong Aksaya and Tipin which ran from 1951 to 1965 in Hiwaga Komiks.

Tipin is a mischievous, naughty and playful teen-age girl typical of the generation of the 1950s and was adapted into film by People's Pictures with Fernando Poe, Jr. (he sings and dances in the movie) and Lani Oteyza in the title role.

"Tipin" (1957)
People's Pictures
Release Date November 15-24, 1957/ Life
Based on the character created by Larry Alcala
Direction Efren Reyes
Cast Fernando Poe, Jr, Lani Oteyza, Shirley Gorospe, Jose Velez, Berting Labra, Ricardo 'Boy' Francisco, Elvira Reyes, Lily Marquez, Jose Garcia, Ligaya Lopez

Tipin @ 1952

Tipin @ 1961

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