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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


FPJ's wish to do a remake of his dad's 1946 movie "Dugo ng Bayan" was finally realized in 1973 with the release of his own version of the movie.

Dugo ng Bayan (1946)- Stars Fernando Poe, Sr., Patricia Mijares, Guillermo Chavez, Zony Quizon, Oscar del Rosario, Rosa Mia, Oscar Keesee, Abraham Cruz/ Produced and directed by Fernando Poe, Sr.

Dugo ng Bayan (1973)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Alona Alegre, Aurora Salve, Paquito Diaz, Jose Romulo, Vic Diaz, Dencio Padilla, Nello Nayo, Bella Flores/ with Zernan Manahan, Roderick Paulate and Frankie Navaja, Jr./ Directed by Armando Herrera


roland273839 said...

Simon, nakahiram ako dati nitong movie na ito nasa vhs pa yun kaso kinuha agad sa akin kaya hindi ko man lang napanuod. Do you already have a copy of this movie Simon? Punta ako dyan sa shop mo this week...

Video 48 said...

Wala pa Roland. Sana maipalabas sa Cinema One or Channel 2.
See you!

roland273839 said...

See you! By the way, may film screening pala ang "Sandata at Pangako" sa Oct. 2 sa Robinsons Galleria around 6:30 pm ang start and to give a modern twist to the event, may mga various musicians playing along with the movie to give the viewing public that unique viewing experience. This is a film concert after all... pls see details sa pm ko sa yo. thanks.