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Friday, December 5, 2008


In the early years of his showbiz career, Fernando Poe, Jr. or Ronnie, was a picture of a misunderstood young man--- a trouble-maker, a peace-breaker, a snob, short-tempered and quick with his fists. In short, a delinquent. Being the leader of the popular 50s gang, Lo’ Waist Gang, FPJ and the rest of his gang mates were always in the middle of the fight. They were provoked because of the roles they played in the movie. The article below will somehow clarify some of these misconceptions.

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Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ April 30, 1961


roland273839 said...

FPJ is indeed a very nice guy. He's also a human na marunong magalit at makaramdam kung may kalabisan na ginagawa sa kanya. Na-proprovoke lang sya kasi ng mga taong may maitim o hindi mabuting hangarin sa kanya kaya sya napapa-away siguro. Pero si idol FPJ ay isang tao na hindi naghahangad kailanman ng ikasasama ng kapwa nya. Yan ang pagkakilala ko sa kanya...

Anonymous said...

i love fpj. nobody and nothing can replace him... FPJ sana buhay ka pa.