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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Video 48 just turned 20 last October. My Weblogs: Video 48 and FPJ-DaKing turned one last September. Thank you guys for all your support, views, insights and comments and above all keeping me company for the past 14 to 15 months. All your encouragements, compliments and inspiring words keep my energy and adrenalin going as I go to my day-to-day blogging.

To celebrate this, I’ll be holding a contest. Katuwaan lang po! I will be giving away 5 limited edition FPJ T-shirts for the first 5 lucky persons who can give me 10 correct answers to the following easy questions (all on FPJ).

1. Who was FPJ’s leading lady in his first movie?
2. What was the movie where the young FPJ did a stunt double for Lilia Dizon?
3. What was the title of the movie where FPJ played villain to lead star Zaldy Zshornack?
4. What was title of FPJ Productions’ maiden movie?
5. Besides FPJ Productions, FPJ put up JAFERE and D’lanor Productions. What do JAFERE and D’lanor stand for?
6. What was FPJ’s role in the movie "Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw"?
7. Who were the two popular and well-loved comedians serving as FPJ’s aides or “alalays” in the 60s?
8. What was the title of the only movie of FPJ with Direk Lino Brocka as his director?
9. What was the title of Gerry de Leon’s unfinished movie under FPJ Productions?
10. What was title of the movie where FPJ uttered this famous line--- “Kayong…mga taong batis, ang ilog at dagat…Ako…ay isda! Papaano ako mabubuhay kung wala kayo!”

Please send your entries to my email address at video48ph@yahoo.com.

Winners will be notified by email and in my succeeding blog post.

To the winners, you can claim your prize at my shop at 48 West Avenue, Quezon City. To those residing in provinces and overseas, you can ask your relatives to pick it up and mail it for you (sorry for the inconvenience). Bring valid IDs for identification.

Again, thank you very much!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Video 48 said...

Congratulations to James 'Jimi' de la Rosa--- Our First Winner

Video 48 said...

Congratulations to Howell laguerta --- Our Second Winner

Video 48 said...

Congratulations to Totoy Bato --- Our Third Winner. Please email your real name for proper identification. Thanks!

Video 48 said...

Congratulations to Sani de la Rosa--- Our Fourth Winner

Video 48 said...

Congratulations to Roland Tanael--- Our Fifth Winner