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Thursday, November 3, 2011


FPJ and Amalia Fuentes shared light moments during a party, probably shot sometime in late 1967. The two then were making a movie, "Baril at Rosaryo" shown in January 1968.


Unknown said...

fpj dancing with nena? ano kaya ang brand ng smokes ni fpj?

Mary Varga said...

Wow bagay pala sila talaga. True ba that they were a couple then?

rolando said...

Mary Varga: Hindi sila naging item noon although their fans (kasama ako doon) were too excited about the prospect of them becoming real life couple. But Amalia was too in love with Bobby Vasquez then and knowing her to be a one-man-woman, yong pag-asam ng fans ay nauwi rin sa wala, until Amalia finally married Bobby. But there was a story about Ronnie and Susan. When they eloped and went to a place somewhere in Bulacan, the town mayor was surprised expecting Amalia to be with Ronnie but saw Susan instead. Ewan ko kung totoo ito.