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Monday, February 2, 2009


Writer Baby K. Jiminez chronicled the much publicized Susan-Ronnie romance in an exclusive special issue of Screen Stardom in 1967. Aptly titled "The Susan- Ronnie Love Calendar," Ms. Jimenez was able to record the love affair of the two top stars from March 1965 to February 1967. Here's the first of the three part series.

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See: Part Two


roland273839 said...

Si Ms. Baby K talaga eversince nasubaybayan nya ang couple na sina FPJ and Susan... She's a close family friend na rin naman. I find her a very nice woman. She even share to me an FPJ and Susan song duet which was converted already to mp3. The title of the song is Magpakailanman.

yuri said...

share mo rin naman sa amin yang song

Anonymous said...

Susan's love to FPJ is great that she accepted him the fact that on those years they were together his being unfaithful. He has many extramarital affairs that resulted to his children.
I salute Susan for being loving and supporting wife.

Unknown said...

As I read articles about the children of fpj with other women, it gave me a teary eye because it really hurt when you know you have given all the respect and trust to your husband then you would only know his unfaithfulness.I salute you Ms. Susan for being an understanding and wonderful wife to fpj.somehow I have that real love for Ms.Susan still lingers with fpj because he was able to admit it to her wife.I dont know why are there woman who would still feel proud of causing a man to commit infidelity and allowing themselves to be used by satan to destroy a happy relationship!!

Aihp said...

I'm sure Susan will enter heaven for she practiced her Christian faith.i hope fpj was able to repent (for being an unfaithful husband) before he died

Aihp said...

Sana nakahingi sila Ng tawad Kay ms.roces bago sya namatay .