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Friday, February 20, 2009


The lobby card of the 1962 movie, Albano Brothers, FPJ Productions' second offering. Batang Maynila, the studio's initial venture was a huge success. Photo shows brothers FPJ, Carlos Padilla, Jr. and Bob Soler being trained by their father, played by Oscar Keesee.


elisco said...

astig!!!! sana may makuhanan po kau ng copy nito pati na po ung alamat ng 7 kilabot and other 60's movies ni fpj

yuri said...

good day sir simon
sana i post naman po ninyo dito yung mga movie s ni fpj na napili sa "PINAKA" NG Q-TV
and also sana ma up load din sa youtube. thank you

Video 48 said...

Yuri, it's already posted.