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Monday, February 23, 2009


A 1966 lobby card of Dakilang Balatkayo with FPJ playing the role of a scout ranger trying to persuade dissident, played by character actor, Johnny Monteiro, to surrender.


bugbytes said...

It feels great finding your blog dedicated to the one & only Da King - FPJ!...fans may get the chance to reminisce the old films & memories through your classic clippings of FPJ...I'm a big fan of Da King myself & it has inspired me to somehow make a simple mtv in honor of my Idol which can be found on YouTube - in connection with that i have used some of treasured clippings here. Big Thanks to you!!

Video 48 said...

Thanks Bugbytes!

roland273839 said...

Hopefully maipalabas din itong movie na to sa cinema one or sa cinema fpj but I prefer sana sa cinema one kasi lesser yung commercial break.