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Saturday, March 28, 2009

TOUGH GUY (1959)

In 1959, the young Fernando Poe, Jr. played the role of a juvenile deliquent, wrongly accused of a crime. His father, a honest policeman, portrayed by Jose Padilla, Jr. was tasked to apprehend the erring son. Good story, good plot, great cast! One of a few early FPJ movies where comedian Chiquito appeared as his sidekick.

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Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ 1959


roland273839 said...

available na rin to sa mga video stores. i'm proud to have bought a copy of this movie. 1959 pa itong movie na to kaya para sa akin kayamanan na rin itong matuturing. thanks again simon!

Basag said...

mga bro, labas na rin ang Ex-Convict ni FPJ sa vcd.