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Friday, April 3, 2009


Andalucia (1976)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Gloria Diaz, Vivian Velez, Walter Navarro, Victor Bravo, Leopoldo Salcedo, Anita Linda and Paquito Diaz/ Directed by Ronwaldo Reyes

Believed lost but not forgotten, fans will be glad to hear that the 1976 movie, “Andalucia” is out in the market and is now available in VCD format only. The movie, produced by LEA Productions, tells of Eliseo, a former policeman and a monk, played by Fernando Poe, Jr., who seeks refuge in a monastery in a secluded town of Andalucia. He blamed himself for the death of his brother and isolates himself from the tragic past. While staying in the monastery, a group of bandits led by Gardoso (Paquito Diaz) looted the place and killed all in sight. Eliseo survived the massacre and vowed for revenge. An epic FPJ movie fans will enjoy watching. The movie, directed by Ronwaldo Reyes, was shot entirely in Ilocos Norte and starred beauteous Gloria Diaz, their first movie together.

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yuri said...

thank you sir simon..... sana pag may bago kang vcd and dvd movies ni fpj at susan roces i post mo dito para malaman namin kung ano ang available sa store mo. kasi kung minsan pag tumatawag ako sa store mo hindi nila masabi kung ano ang bagong movies na available. thank and god bless always.

yuri said...

until now waiting pa rin po ako sa response ninyo kung available na sa store ninyo yung mga old movies ni ms. susan roces na available sa sampagita pictures na naka vhs format, na hinihiling ko po at im sure marami kami na suporter ni mam susan na sana ay pagbigyan ninyo kami ma i transfer po ninyo ito sa dvd para makabili kami ng copy. thank you poe.

Video 48 said...

Yuri, can u give me your email address, so I can send u a private message. Thanks!

roland273839 said...

Salamat kaibigang simon for this info... nakita ko nga ito sa odyssey sm megamall kanina. Very affordable 99 pesos only gaya ng movie nyang ex-convict.