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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

FPJ- FAMAS Hall of Fame

Received his first Famas Best Actor in 1967, for his role
as a fighting priest in"Mga Alabok sa Lupa."

Received his second Famas Best Actor in 1971, for "Asedillo," a true-to-life story of Teodoro Asedillo, an idealistic schoolteacher who rebelled against the American colonial government.

Received his third Famas trophy for Best Actor in 1979 for his role as a streetfighter in "Durugin Si Totoy Bato."

Received his fourth and fifth Famas Best Actor trophies for his role as a vengeful cop in "Umpisahan Mo, Tatapusin Ko" in 1983 and as a Muslim cop assigned in the big city in "Muslim Magnum .357" in 1986. With his fifth Famas Best Actor trophy, he was elevated to the Hall of Fame.


roland273839 said...

FPJ is FPJ. No doubt he's a very good actor. Even in his films, he make it a point that he acted it very heartedly with every roles he potrayed. He's not just a very good actor but also a very good producer and director as well. Hats off to you idol!

roland273839 said...

FAMAS elevated him to the Hall of Fame as an actor. He also received awards as a producer and director. Film Academy also honored him with an acting award. But Manunuri is one award-giving body which really disappointed me a lot co'z they deprived FPJ even at least one acting award considering that he has been in the business for 4 decades or more. He's a very good actor.