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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Music by Tony Maiquez
Lyrics by Levi Celerio

Wala nang ibang ligaya pa sa buhay
Ang daigdig ko’y ikaw kailan pa man
Sana’y iyong dinggin
Ang daigdig ko’y ikaw
Buhay kong madilim
Ikaw lang ang ilaw
Nuong una pa ay aking nabatid
Na ang sulyap mo ay mayroong pagibig
Habang naninimdim lalung nagmamahal
Ang puso kong baliw
Ang langit ay ikaw
Wala nang ibang ligaya pa sa buhay
Ang daigdig ko’y ikaw kailan pa man
Huwag magtataka ang daigdig ko’y ikaw
At kung lilimot ka ako’y mamamatay
Wala nang ibang ligaya pa sa buhay
Ang daigdig ko’y ikaw kailan pa man

Flashback to 1964

Dealing what the local movie world later termed as a real “coup” and what the movie beat reporters pinned down as a “scoop,” Ronnie successfully made the first bid for Susan’s initial services as a freelancer. He did it by making a good offer, one of which was an astounding salary hike. The considerably measly fee per picture she formerly received from her home studio (Sampaguita Pictures) was multiplied by several times when Susan starred in FPJ’s “Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw.”
From: Screen Stardom/ 1964

Susan played the role of a heiress who ran away from her father who wanted her to marry someone she didn't like (similar to the storyline of 1934 classic "It Happened One Night"). She jumped off from a yatch where she was being detained, and swam nearby.

She was able to hide at the rear of Ronnie's delivery truck while Ronnie and his two buddies, Pablo (Virtuoso) and Dencio (Padilla) were busy doing some repairs on their always troublesome truck. Her presence was finally discovered and their (mis)adventures began.

Troubles began to pop up now and then when they were being pursued by Susan's father henchmen. This was aggravated more of the truck's mechanical troubles.

Ronnie found out her real identity.


roland273839 said...

Hi Simon, I really love this movie. Na-aliw ako sa movie na to. Malaking bagay din yung 2 sidekick ni kuya ronnie (si dencio and pablo virtuoso)... nakakadagdag aliw sa movie. I will recommend this to my aunties and uncles and also to the younger generations.

By the way Simon, hopefully makakuha tayo ng rights na ipa-upload sa youtube yung mga san miguel commercials ni kuya ronnie. Maganda talaga ang pagkagawa nung commercial na yun. Pilipinong-pilipino ang dating! sana naman...

Unknown said...

Hi Simon, My wife and I are FPJ's avid fans. Saan kami makabibili ng Daigidg Ko'y Ikaw movie?
Many thanks.

Ces said...

Hi Simon when can you upload "Zamboanga"? Please I been waiting for this. thank you.

Unknown said...

Simon can you upload Zamboanga, Magpakailanman at Divina Gracia and if possible the other film they had together.thanks pls inform me.I wanted to buy some of their movies kya lng ndi ako mkalabas dhil s pandemic pra s gcash.