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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A lobby card from the 1965 movie, San Bernardo, between two action kings of Philippine cinema, Fernando Poe, Jr. and Jess Lapid. This particular scene can be viewed from a film clip uploaded by rvr957, click here


Ken said...

ABS-CBN TFC Now online service used to add an FPJ movie every Friday to their offerings including this movie, San Bernardo and the likes of Sierra Madre, Tatlong Hari and Pasong Diablo.

But the past few weeks, they stop adding FPJ movies. Last entry was At Muling Nagbaga ang Lupa. Was it because FPJ movies are no longer popular with their online customers or are they worried that the video clips are showing up on You Tubes and other file sharing sites?

I really enjoyed watching the old FPJ movies especially from the 60's online. Hopefully the stoppage is just temporarily and we will see more FPJ classics soon.

Video 48 said...

Ken, same way with the local Cinema FPJ. For the past several weeks, they were showing replays except last Saturday, which aired "Mahal, Saan ka Nanggaling Kagabi?" Hope, it's only temporary.

elisco said...

sir ask ko lang po kung san nakakapanood ng online fpj movies?

Ken said...

elisco, visit the url below or copy and paste to your browser.


There is about $7 fee a month but it is definitely worth it. Plus you'll also have access to other pinoy movies. You can also sign up just for a month and cancel once you've seen most it and just sign back up again once they added new ones.

elisco said...

ok tnx po sir ken