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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Police officer Mediavillo (Fernando Poe Jr.), quick with his hand, easily disposes his friend-policeman, played by Vic Varrion, out to kill and finish him off, for a price. An exciting scene from the 1978 movie "Patayin si Mediavillo." Here's the film clip of that particular scene which you can access by clicking the You Tube at my Blog List found at the right side of the screen.

" Ginawa mo ako na parang bibe,
bubusugin mo muna bago patayin!" --- FPJ as Mediavillo


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My parents were extras (lounge singer and boxer)in a FBJ movie in the late 70's, when my dad was stationed @ Clark AFB...I believe it was 1978 and the Movie may have been entitled "MEDIAVILLO." I would be interested in knowing where I may be able to obtain a copy.

A Friend and Fan in the States