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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"AGUILA" (1980) Movie Clip UPLOADED

"Aguila" (1980)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Amalia Fuentes, Christopher de Leon, Elizabeth Oropesa, Eddie Garcia, Jay Ilagan, Chanda Romero, Charo Santos, Daria Ramirez, Celia Rodriguez, Orestes Ojeda, Susa Valdez, Sandy Andolong, Johnny Delgado/ Directed by Eddie Romero

“Huwag mo na linlangin ang sarili mo, anak. Hindi ako ang hinahanap mo sa kabuuan ng iyong paglalakbay. Ang tunay na hinahanap mo ay kahulugan," declares the elder Aguila, Daniel (played by FPJ) as he talks and advises his son (Christopher de Leon) why he decides to stay with the Aeta. This concluding part of the three-and-half hour epic movie can be viewed below---


Unknown said...

...I remember being excited, when I saw the cover of Panorama, with FPJ in the elder Aguila character.
...I remember being excited, when I saw a full center spread movie ad(the other version) in the Daily Express.(I later learned that FPJ's caricature for this Aguila ad was copied from another FPJ movie ad, JE Productions' Magiting at Pusakal).
...I remember being excited, when he was nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of Daniel-It would have been a Back to Back win! I saw the telecast wherein all nominees were called upon onstage and were presented one by one with plaques before announcing the winner.(The unofficial website might have overlooked the nominees for the 29th FAMAS-Christopher De Leon is listed, instead of FPJ!).

edgar said...

definitely the best FPJ movie ever! i really want to have a copy of this! eto lang ang movie ni fpj na tumanda siya. nagpuyat talaga ako nung unang pinalabas to sa channel 4 ata yun...panahon ni cory..

Unknown said...

aguila the best movie ever produced in movie making industry in the world , i wish i could buy dvd copy of this epic .

gerby8 said...

the first time ive watched it i never really liked it,i was too young then when my father took me to watch this movie.the 2nd time i saw it on tv,ive realized how great this movie,it reminds me of the movie THE LEGEND OF THE FALL starring brad pitt and anthony hopkins.im not sure if this movie was base on a bestseller,maybe eddie romero got an idea doing AGUILA.anyway i was hoping to have not only a dvd copy but a restored one with lots of special features.i was trying to look for any contact nos. of eddie romero just to say to him to have all his film transfer to dvd.