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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Just released and now available in the market are three FPJ movies from RTG Productions: Maginong Tulisan (1965) with Fe Galvez; Ang Salarin (1965) with Veronica Luna and Ang Dayuhan (1968) with Liberty Ilagan. All copies are in DVD formats.

(Maginoong Tulisan/1965)- Fernando Poe, Jr., in a dual role as brothers, Mando, the thief and Carding, the lawyer. Carding disguised himself as Mando, in search for the truth as to who robbed the factory and killed the security guard. He wanted to prove that his brother was innocent of the charges.

(Ang Salarin/1965)- Fernando Poe, Jr. starred as Alberto, a man unjustly and falsely accused of a crime. He was arrested and convicted. He escaped and did everything to get the culprits and clear his name.

(Ang Dayuhan/1968)- Fernando Poe, Jr. starred as a mysterious gunslinger (Marco/Daniel Barrion), who was mistaken by Donya Isabel to be the person she expected to help her problem with the greedy Don Jose (Van de Leon), her second husband.


James DR said...

Ofelia Dayrit starred with FPJ in "Ang Salarin". She was a Tawag Ng Tanghalan monthly winner but did not win the championship. I remember she sung "Bali Hai" in the grand championship of Tawag Ng Tanghalan. If I remember right, Boy Leonardo won the title with the song "Tammy", while Baby Carmelita cried when she lost.

Raquel Fiorucci said...

Thank you for remembering. Tawag ng Tanghalan was one of my mom's precious memories in her life. Ofelia Dayrit passed away on June 10, 2014. She is resting in peace with the Lord. Amen.